Prom 51: BBCSO with Perianes plays Saint‐Saëns and Elgar-Payne 3rd

Two concerts in one: * Saint‐Saëns 2nd piano concerto * Elgar-Payne 3rd symphony because these works have nothing to do and it’s quite difficult to find a narrative link between them to be in the same programme. And two disclaimers: * Above Perianes’s picture is not from the concert itself but from a previous one * I took too long to write this review again because of… whatever 2 disclaimers, 2 concerts, 2nd piano concert… so let’s say there was a 3rd work completing the programme with Elgar 3rd symphony.

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Sanson et Dalila at Grimeborn

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Arcola’s production of Sanson et Dalila has been the best operatic production of the season because I have been only here for less than 4 months. But it is the best one I’ve seen so far (and I have seen 14 productions in this little time). All in this production was take care of with a lot of intelligence and love: costumes, lighting, make-up, on stage movements, acting… and everything at the service of the DRAMA.

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Prom 42: Les Siècles plays French oriental music

It was an infrequent but easy programme the one for Prom 42. The oriental inspired music has its moment in France and Russian during the end of the 19th century but at some point it became quite fake and demodé for the 20th century listeners. But there is still a lot of enjoyable music there other than Rimsky’s Scheherazade. So this programme with the Franch side of the story was very attractive.

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