English Touring Opera: Il Tabarro and Gianni Schicchi

Two thirds of Puccini’s Il Trittico are better than no Trittico. And these were two splendid ones. English Touring Opera presented its revival of the 2011 production at Hackney Empire as the initial run of its spring 2018 tour. Michael Rosewell was the conductor of a reduced size orchestra (but we never missed more volume). He did a very good work keeping different moods for each score: oppressive in Il tabarro and comical in Gianni Schicchi.

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Tosca at the Royal Opera House with Gheorghiu, Calleja and Finley

I went to this Tosca performance for my diva and that’s exactly what I got. In the good and the bad sense. In the good side she still has a beautifully toned voice, very expressive. She is great on the stage and makes you believe totally on what she is singing. On the bad side she is a diva that arrives in town and does her thing without much rehearsal or consideration with her partners.

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Royal Opera House: La Bohème

New Bohème at the ROH. I heard everyone ranting “I liked more the old production”. Same old thing about conservatives complaining about any change. Like when facebook or twitter change something in their interfaces: people complain during two weeks about how the old UI was better and the new one is crap but after some time they love it and cannot go back to the old one and of course, are going to complain again with any future change to it.

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