London Symphony Orchestra with Francesco Piemontesi and Mark Elder: Janáček and Bartók

I was excited about this concert. The programme opened with some unknown Janáček (composer that I love so much!) work, followed by one of my fav piano concertos (Bartók 3rd) played by a pianist that impressed me on his last Mozart concert at Wigmore Hall last October: Franceso Piemontesi. Having a solid conductor as Mark Elder was also a guarantee. So far so good. Elder introduced Janáček Schluck und Jau final and unfinished work from the podium.

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Francesco Piemontesi finishes his Mozart cycle at Wigmore Hall

This was the last recital of Franceso Piemontesi full Mozart piano sontatas cycle at Wigmore Hall. And after it I can only regret of having moved to London just recently and missed all the previous one. It is amazing when a pianist have something new and interesting to shown on very well known works like this. Piemontesi approach to Mozart is deep and reflexive: Like keeping the joy and clarity of Brendel but more intense but without the darkness of, for example, Barenboim.

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