ROH Semiramide

What a great Rossini we had at the Royal Opera House! Event if a priori it had all the ingredients for a good opera night (infrequent wonderful score, superb cast, brand new production, good conductor…) you still need to get this magic of the opera working. David Alden production is colorful and visually appealing. The action flows perfectly though it although it lacks a little bit of coherence (mixing North Korean with Soviet and western icons) and a main idea gluing everything together.

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Lucia di Lammermoor with Lissette Oropesa at Royal Opera House

Opening night for Lucia di Lammermoor at the Royal Opera House. Role debut for Lissette Oropesa in the second staging of Katie Mitchell production. Michele Mariotti is the conductor for this run of Donizetti masterpiece. He does a very energetic conducting although sometimes he tries to bring up some random details of the score. Anyway it was quite fine. I liked Katie Mitchell production. It presents two simultaneous views: the main action and what is supposed to be happening off scene.

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