BBC Symphony Orchestra with Javier Perianes and James Feddeck: Barber, Ravel and Mussorgsky

This was the second collaboration between the Spanish pianist Javier Perianes and the BBC Symphony Orchestra after 2017 Prom 51. This time was even better because the good work done by the young conductor James Feddeck. The American took much care to perfectly align the orchestra with Perianes in the Ravel piano concerto in G. The performance had the perfect balance between lyricism and the jazz influenced rhythm games. Before that we enjoyed a not so frequent Barber 1st symphony.

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Prom 51: BBCSO with Perianes plays Saint‐Saëns and Elgar-Payne 3rd

Two concerts in one: * Saint‐Saëns 2nd piano concerto * Elgar-Payne 3rd symphony because these works have nothing to do and it’s quite difficult to find a narrative link between them to be in the same programme. And two disclaimers: * Above Perianes’s picture is not from the concert itself but from a previous one * I took too long to write this review again because of… whatever 2 disclaimers, 2 concerts, 2nd piano concert… so let’s say there was a 3rd work completing the programme with Elgar 3rd symphony.

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