OperaUpClose's Eugene Onegin at Arcola

This Eugene Onegin was my second opera from OperaUpClose and I clearly saw the trend on their productions: getting the theatrical part working for a contemporary audience. But here they didn’t “update” the music as they did with the Magic Flute to more modern instrumentation patterns, they just made a reduction for piano, violin, cello and clarinet. The libretto was not a translation of the original but a new one, reworking the original.

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OperaUpClose: The Magic Flute

Second production of the Mozart masterpiece I see in less than a week. I love London. This was a totally different approach to it compared with the traditional production at the Royal Opera House. Here OperaUpClose adapts the opera to our days but not only in the scenic sense but also changing the text (translated into English, of course) and the characters. And it worked: a night out, clubs, instagram, tinder…

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