Cavalleria Rusticana + Pagliacci at ROH

Believe it or not this was my first Cavalleria and my first Pagliacci on theatre in my life. And it couldn’t be better. Cavalleria Rusticana Let start with the obvious: Elina Garança was perfect. After her Eboli in Paris Don Carlos I was waiting for this Cavalleria as one of the top highlights of the opera season. And yes, confirmed: she is the best mezzo these days. Her voice, her singing line, her acting… is just perfect.

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Mozart & Salieri and Zanetto at the Opera in the city festival

There is a new opera festival in the city named… well… Opera in the city. It description says: will show innovative takes on rarely performed masterpieces as well as new and experimental works. Yesterday we have a take on the former: a couple of operatic masterpieces not commonly set nowadays. The double bill started with Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mozart & Salieri, you know, the opera based on the same Pushkin’s drama which Amadeus was based on too.

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