London Chamber Orchestra: Empathy

New concert from the London Chamber Orchestra series. I was shocked by the orchestra and the conductor waiting on the stage for a member of the royal family to enter the hall and seat down. In a concert the highest authority is the conductor, and is the only one to be waited for. More shocking was having most of the audience standing while that person from royal family was entering. I have seen people on some other concert halls standing up because a national anthem was played, but not for someone walking in.

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London Chamber Orchestra and London Voices: Mozart Requiem

2017 / 2018 London Chamber Orchestra season is about emotions. This first concert was titled Jealousy and built around the jealousy that supposedly Salieri felt of Mozart. Or that is the fake story. But we love stories and was really nice to have on the stage before the music the leading actors of the National Theatre Amadeus production to talk a little bit about this. The first part of the concert was the Salieri short sypmhony Il giorno onomastico.

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