London Symphony Orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth interesting young Debussy

This programme by the London Symphony Orchestra was quite interesting, not only because it was the first time an early work by Debussy was played in the UK but also because it linked this young Debussy with other composers that influenced his early days. Everything served by two French men: François-Xavier Roth conducting and the young Edgar Moreau playing the cello. The concert started with Tannhäuser overture that is always a good way to start.

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Prom 42: Les Siècles plays French oriental music

It was an infrequent but easy programme the one for Prom 42. The oriental inspired music has its moment in France and Russian during the end of the 19th century but at some point it became quite fake and demodé for the 20th century listeners. But there is still a lot of enjoyable music there other than Rimsky’s Scheherazade. So this programme with the Franch side of the story was very attractive.

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