London Symphony Orchestra and Rattle play Genesis suite and Bartók Concerto: good intentions and some good results

Very nice intentions from Simon Rattle programming this forgotten Genesis Suite. And it was intelligent pairing it with a easy and loved work as Bartók concerto for orchestra. A suite with music by Schoenberg, Shilkret, Tansman, Milhaud, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Toch and Stravinsky looks pretty amazing on the paper. However the suite has some very big problems. Not all the music is so inspired and actually, a lot of if was lost (anything but Shoenberg and Stravinsky) and only reconstructed by Patrick Russ, (and I’m quoting from a not so prominent text in the digital programme) two from still tentative manuscripts and three from severely condensed sketches with only one or two musical lines and only vague instrumentation indications.

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