The Return of Ulysses at the Roundhouse: the music and the drama save the stupid placement

Doing an opera in the Roundhouse is stupid. Very stupid. Mostly because you cannot have a unamplified spectacle done in a round stage/auditorium with the singers facing different directions. Sound is a directional thing, you know, with waves propagating towards a specific direction. And the voice is projected on a single direction. This is the most basic thing in acoustics. And voice is the most basic thing in opera. So this does not work.

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English National Opera: Rodelinda

Rodelinda is one of the most loved Handel operas. But as most of baroque operas it’s really tricky to stage it nowadays in a production that both makes sense to contemporary audiences and keeps the drama in a natural way. And that’s the best we can say about this Richard Jones production: it perfectly tells you the story without feeling artificial. Anything else in the production is also quite good: costumes, lighting, sets…

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