Les Arts Florissants: Selva morale e spirituale

After the we got another sublime Monteverdi concert by Les Arts Florissants directed by William Christie. In the recent years Les Arts Florissants is playing and recording the whole Monteverdi madrigals across different cities in Europe. Those performances are conducted by Paul Agnew, the second on board of this wonderful ship that is Les Arts Florissants. But for Selva Morale e spirituale Christie exercised his right as founder and took the pleasure of conducting it himself.

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Handel Israel in Egypt at the Proms with the OAE and William Christie

First, I need to start rating concerts. Everyone is about seeing the rating and don’t reading much more about it. Instead of using the classic 5 star rating system I am gonna use a 10 skateboard system because, you know, skateboards rock. I just need to figure out how to put that on this blog thing. In the mean time let’s say it: this concert was a 7 out of 10 skateboards.

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