Fever Pitch the Opera

What a disaster. Bad, bad, bad. Everything was bad. Probably the problem was me having high expectations about this new opera. Hornby books are one of my guilty pleasures. So when I found there was a new opera I got tickets for it right away. First problem: it is not an opera. Maybe as it was a marketing thing to call it so in a city full of musicals but, dude, if singers do not sing with operatic voice, it is not opera.

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LSO with Rattle: The Damnation of Faust

After missing the only-English season opening of the London Symphony Orchestra this was to me the real season opening. This was the courageous programme: a work that has been part of the orchestra glorious tradition and one of its peaks with Colin Davis recording. Two changes from the announced cast: One month ago Florian Boesch was replaced by Gábor Bretz as Brander. Not a big deal as it the shortest role One week ago Gerald Finley was replaced by Christopher Purves.

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