Prom 33: Grieg, Sibelius, Schumann and Hindemith with Davidsen and Gerhardt

What a mixture for the 33th Prom! Nordic music + German romanticism + German anti-romanticism. And a vocal soloist for the first part of the concert and a cello one for the second one. And what a success! Things didn’t start quite well in the initial pieces of the Peer Gynt selection: Storgårds was conducting too straight to the point with too much energy without letting the lyrical aspect of the score to arise.

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Fidelio at the Proms

I was really excited about this Fidelio when I did my planing for Proms 2017. Why? Because I am one of those awkward guys who loves Fidelio. A lot. But those who love opera use to say Beethoven was not good at opera and those who love instrumental Beethoven use to say Beethoven was not good at opera. It was the first opera performance at Proms 2017 with a young stars cast.

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