Members of the Aurora orchestra plays Schubert string quintet and other stuff

Second concert of the series Why Music? The Key to Memory at the Wellcome Collection. I really admire when the programme for a concert, or a whole concerts season, is built around an idea that works as a nexus. But when this is pushed to the boundaries it can be ridiculous. And this is what happened to the idea of this concert. The idea was just a generic piezoelectric data storage technology.

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Igor Levit plays Diabelli variations at Wellcome collection

What a treat! One of the best pianist out there, Igor Levit, playing one of the top piano masterpieces ever: Beethoven’s Diabelli variations. And for free. The concert was part of the Memory Varied event by BBC Radio 3 and The Wellcome collection (the double l in Wellcome blows always my mind). To add extra sugar to the morning, Levit, wearing delicious white sneakers, had an informal talk explaining his views on the work and the performance.

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