Back to the Opera in the city festival. This time Zemlinsky’s opera A Florentine Tragedy sung in English. It’s nice to see more a more works from Zemlinsky getting mainstream (Der Zwerg is another recent hit).

Staging a one hour lasting opera with 3 characters in a single set is not an easy task. This production reveals from the beginning all the keys from the tragedy, leaving no space for the constricted drama. Acting showed every feeling in a very evident way and that, somehow, didn’t help the climatic progression of the work.

Nick Dwyer as Simone sang very well portraying the mad merchant (yes, it was mad since the beginning) with a beautiful and strong voice. Only downside was a little bit plain approach to the character.

Lawrence Thackeray as Guido did a nice creation of the cynic prince. His phrasing was very musical but some strange pronunciation prevented full enjoyment of his singing.

Musical direction from the piano by Andrew Charity was impeccable.