An opera with animals talking and singing? Well, this is not the most unbelievable thing we have seen in an opera, is it?

With Janacek… wait, I’m going to write it properly. Janáček. Now. Well, actually I copied & pasted it from wikipedia. Whatever, with the J composer operas you always expect a brutal drama directly to your guts, with oppressive music creating a dark atmosphere. But with The cunning little vixen (Příhody lišky bystroušky, I got a thing with these funny things on top of the characters) it’s different and music projects happiness, fun and light. Even if there is still a big drama behind around love, desire and life-death cycle.

The music is sublime. Much better than the libretto. The production was good enough to keep the drama going while enjoying the music and the singing. The cast, comprised by young singers was good and worked very well as a whole.

The only thing not so good of the night was the music arrangement. Arranged for strings and piano it was too flat sometimes, down mixing all Janáček’s rich orchestral textures to just two lines, strings as a whole and piano. Maybe this made the opera easier to listen but definitely poorer.

I’m loving the whole Grimbeborn experience and the Arcola as a venue. I’ve been there only twice and I am considering buying my second Arcola passport for the next season.