What a disaster. Bad, bad, bad. Everything was bad. Probably the problem was me having high expectations about this new opera. Hornby books are one of my guilty pleasures. So when I found there was a new opera I got tickets for it right away.

First problem: it is not an opera. Maybe as it was a marketing thing to call it so in a city full of musicals but, dude, if singers do not sing with operatic voice, it is not opera.

Then the music, by Scott Stroman, was quite uninspired. Nothing memorable. I felt sorry for the poor conductor facing the audience trying to get the singing some of the choruses. Really?

The acting was horrible too. I understand now that it was a community company and the work was also about to get all the members on the company on the stage… but some of them felt so uncomfortable on the stage that even I was embarrassed for them.

Singing and musical performance was also bad but I dont want to kick them more while they are down. So I just left after the intermission. Therefore no skateboards rating for this one, but some miracle should had happen on the second part to get something about 3-4.