When I arrived to London I spent quite some time searching online for all classical music ensembles and venues to collect a set of bookmarks I could check regularly for upcoming events. But I also searched for alternative venues offering jazz and alternative musics. One of those venues I found is Rich Mix. They have an impressive offer of different musical styles from jazz to African music, reggae, Taiwanese punk, folk of whatever you can imagine. While checking July concerts I saw a “Nueva Cumbia” band. Last year I felt in love with Chicha Libre, a Brooklyn-based band reinventing Peruvian cumbia. So I just checked out spotify for Chico Trujillo and after 2 minutes of listening I got my ticket.

The concert started with some sound problems (can a non-classical music review start without criticizing the sound?) hiding the main voice for a while. However the powerful band (12 players including trombones and trumpets) quickly got all the audience engaged. It looked like half of the London Chilean community was there: they knew the songs and waved some Chilean flags. Repertoire ranged from new cumbia mixed to reggae an even a bolero.

Very nice concert which put all of us in a nice party mood for the rest of the night, but that’s another story and shall be told another time.