It looks like I’m becoming a Christophe Rousset as I haven’t missed any of his concerts since I came to London. And with a reason: because I’m enjoying them very much.

This programme at the Wigmore Hall was just perfect: * it had coherence of showing the music of Venice during the early baroque * presented two different mood very well differentiated: love and joy vs. death and sorrow * mixed very well known music like the one from Monteverdi with some other now trending composers like Cavalli and some hidden treasures (Rossi Orfeo!)

The performance matched the programme in quality levels. Despite some initial tuning problems with the violins the reduced ensemble of Les Talens Lyriques was gorgeous on the accompanying and the instrumental parts. Those works requiring only continuo were beautifully played by Rousset and a strong and expressive Emmanuel Jacques at the cello.

Jodie Devos and Judith van Wanroij were superclass singers for this repertoire, very communicative and expressive. I specially loved the Cavalli’s lamenti.