I went to this Tosca performance for my diva and that’s exactly what I got. In the good and the bad sense. In the good side she still has a beautifully toned voice, very expressive. She is great on the stage and makes you believe totally on what she is singing. On the bad side she is a diva that arrives in town and does her thing without much rehearsal or consideration with her partners. The very best example of this is how she was almost half of a second behind Calleja in the Trionfal di nova speme where they are supposed to sing the same at the same time :)

Calleja was a good Cavaradossi, perhaps a little bit soft, lacking of this excessive virile portrait that we could be used from the post-war tenors.

Gerald Finley as Scarpia was the proper antagonist not rude but with a nice singing line relying more in the acting to frighten than in a strong singing.

This was the first time I see Kent production and it’s nice. Lighting is sometimes too dark but not a big deal. Plenty of people in the Te Deum and a very nice set for the 3rd act that makes Tosca jump quite credible (and that is a thing!).

Ettinger conducter the orchestra with autopilot without much recreation.