Everyone told me that this Frankfurt production by Barrie Kosky was badly sung in its staging at the Royal Opera House. But then all the twitter gang got excited about the second cast so I gave it a try. BIG MISTAKE.

Even if Gaëlle Arquez has a very powerful and beautiful voice and she acts perfectly, portraying a Carmen full of sensuality, that does not make it a good performance. It need to be sung well, and Mr Arquez is still far from there: technical issues, singing behind the beat, horrible phrasing… No… she is not yet there.

Andrea Carè was a boring Don José: monotonous singing far from appropriate for the role.

Alexey Markov was just horrible. He cannot sing in French. Period.

The big problem, again, was in the orchestra: Christopher Willis did a very bad job in anything else than keeping the beat. Boring, sometimes stumble, sometimes sluggish.

Kosky staging was full of nice ideas, but it was hard to enjoy with so much disappointment on the musical side.