I cannot find any proper reason for coupling Beethoven 1st piano concerto with Mahler 5th Symphony. Seriously, it was quite dumb. At least Philharmonia didn’t program any 6 minutes overture that would had introduced a 7 minutes extra delay to place the piano on stage after it.

Rant is over. Well, not so over because Beethoven concerto performance was problematic. It was not a technical problem from orchestra, pianist or conductor. No, the problem was in the different concepts **Piotr Anderszewski ** and Jakub Hrůša had for this work. The Polish pianist took contrasting approach to it, with extensive contrasting dynamics and percussive playing, while the Czech conductor took the opposite: romantic tradition with extreme legatto. So the parts were good but not the overall. As with the programme, a coupling problem.

Second part, with the famous Mahler 5th symphony was much better. Orchestra was on top form and the slow tempi chosen by Hrůša worked perfectly with the wide articulations.