It was the first time I was seeing this children opera by Britten. When I left the Blackheath Hall I was even more convinced of the genius of Britten. He managed to compose an opera for children to be made by children, putting them in the very center of the musical creation experience.

The production presented here by Blackheath Opera was smart. While exposing the story in a clean way it manages to tell a subtext enriching the biblical narration. Here God (a woman) punishes the mankind for being destroying the planet by filling it with waste and pollution. The ark and the salvation comes though reducing waste and recycling: the ark itself, the dove, the rainbow… everything was made from recycled waste.

Michael Sumuel in the title role of Noye sung with strong voice, imposing his role in the story, portraying a very compromised character.

It was delightful seeing the kids in the orchestras, two, divided in strings and wind/brass, enjoying every minute of the performance.

The only downside of the performance was the vocal work made with the soloist kids that was not enough to get them into projecting their voices in a very operatic way.