I was excited about this concert. The programme opened with some unknown Janáček (composer that I love so much!) work, followed by one of my fav piano concertos (Bartók 3rd) played by a pianist that impressed me on his last Mozart concert at Wigmore Hall last October: Franceso Piemontesi. Having a solid conductor as Mark Elder was also a guarantee.

So far so good. Elder introduced Janáček Schluck und Jau final and unfinished work from the podium. The music was wonderful and the orchestra sounded magically idiomatic on it.

Bartók Piano Concerto No 3 sounds more classical than the second one. With Piemontesi articulation and pedal play you can think of it even like a hyper-late Mozart. Usually with this concerto the focus is on the rhythm but here is was very well balanced with the melodic side. Perfect synchrony with the orchestra not only int timing but also in dynamics, that reveals how well it was prepared.

I was not very interested on the Elgar 1st symphony because I have listen to it too much in the recent months and I have some stuff to do, so I left the concert during the intermission without much regret.