New concert from the London Chamber Orchestra series. I was shocked by the orchestra and the conductor waiting on the stage for a member of the royal family to enter the hall and seat down. In a concert the highest authority is the conductor, and is the only one to be waited for. More shocking was having most of the audience standing while that person from royal family was entering. I have seen people on some other concert halls standing up because a national anthem was played, but not for someone walking in. You known, servants of the crown.

Anyway the musical things didn’t start well either. The magnificent Haydn symphony 64 was played with soft flat dynamics, losing most of the energy this music have.

It went better with Mozart piano concerto No.17. Freddy Kempf playing was very cantabile with a long legato that was matched by Warren-Green conducting. This music is easier to get it pleasant, although getting it brilliant is quite harder, and they didn’t get that far.

Best of the night was Schubert symphony No.5. The reduced orchestra played standing up and Warren continuous phrases style worked much better for this classical piece with some romanticism tints.