Nice to see that there are still people recording CDs and doing live presentations. Even more when the album combines nice fresh views on traditional repertoire with new music that deserves to be listened.

The Delta Piano Trio members are all Dutch but they studied at Salzburg. They visited London for a musical residency and lived on the Austrian Cultural Forum premises, and that’s why the presentation in that very same building was very familiar.

Programme opened with Shostakovich: the first piano trio and two movements from the second one. Since the very beginning the main characteristics of the ensemble were quite clear: extroverted playing, intense loud force musical exposing.

Surprise came with the Lera Auerbach piano trio No.2: This mirror has three faces. A music that inherits a lot from Shostakovich (and therefore makes a very interesting pairing on the CD) but still finds its own path.

A very nice musical evening in a intimate setting followed by some wine and social gathering.