This was my first encounter with this Britten church parable. And I totally loved it. Half of it is because the music is genius (so atmospheric!) and the other half because it was presented by Ante Terminum Productions in a perfect way.

The stage, St Bartholomew the Great, was just perfect. This work was composed to be performed on a church and this one has a aura of mystery perfect for it. The staging was clever, using the full church nave with audience seated by the sides.

The theatrical approach combined the noh style contained movements with more expressive ones we are used in western theatre with very interesting results.

Richard Robbins as the Madwoman took a non-very histrionic approach to the character and managed to expose the psyche of the character by very well singing.

Ben Bevan was an imposing Ferryman who sang also very well.

The ensemble (flute, horn, viola, bass, harp, percussion and organ) did an outstanding job playing as well as the chorus. Doing all this thing without a conductor and keeping perfect sync was a remarkable achievement.