It’s lovely how a non-professional choir goes for the non-easy path of performing works out of the main repertoire.

The Whitehall choir did a good job singing the choral parts of Handel Joshua. Nothing virtuosic nor risky but fine.

More problematic was the London Baroque Sinfonia, the typical mostly ad-hoc ensemble made with freelancers. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but it requires a conductor with strong personality working with them. And that was probably the biggest problem of this performance. Joanna Tomlinson did a good job preparing the choir but not with the orchestra. She was mostly keeping the beat, resulting on a controlled but plain a boring sound. Some of the players were fine in their solo parts (trumpets, traversa) while others were doggy.

The vocal soloists were a mix of good, boring and bad singing. Best of the night was Greg Tassell on the title role.

Audience was really cold (colder than St. John space).