After the Piemontesi Mozart concert from the day before, more Mozart piano music: this time it was Piano Concerto No. 22 with Llŷr Williams as soloist and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton (the man with the longest baton in UK). Although it was a nice performance I found sort of a discrepancy between the classical soft-and-sweet Mozart that the orchestra was playing with light dynamics and the darker and more revolutionary that Williams played on the solo parts, with kind of messy cadenzas. We had heard before a non-transcendent version of Haydn Te Deum in C.

The second part was much more interesting: Haydn Schöpfungsmesse. It was clear that the choir had prepared the work very well and it made a single voice with the orchestra. Davan Wetton took care of details while keeping the discursive unity of the piece. All the soloist were correct.