This concert was a lovely collaboration between the Royal College of Music and the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg bringing together students from both institutions. The programme was entirely devoted to Telemann music. The ensemble shaped its size from small to large scale, having professor Ashley Solomon as conductor only for the later.

The concert opened with the Overture-Suite TVW 55:E3 that was very well played with professor Solomon conducting and playing the flute a couple of times.

Next was the secular funeral cantata for a canary. Problem with it was the music itself: one of those obligation works without much inspiration. It could be saved from boredom with a kind of funny performance, but this was not the case, with soprano Maria Ladurner singing well but too serious.

The Concerto in E minor for flute and recorder was the best moment of the evening: the perfect understanding between the Austrian recorder and the English flute was the best example of this collaboration.

In the second part the Concerto à 7 allowed most of the musicians to have their solo moment (splendid cello!) followed then by a more intimate setting: the Paris Quartet in D major.

The concert finished with the whole band again with conductor performing a concerto from the Tafelmusik.