After the somehow disappointing version of Mahler’s 4th by Gatti and RCO the Viennese came to proof which is the best European orchestra. They didn’t include any other work in the programme, just Mahler’s 6th. Harding arrived London after conducting this very same symphony twice with two different orchestras in the previous week. That is crazy and really difficult to do. On his side was the fact that the two previous ones, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestre de Paris, are his orchestras and the VPO is… well, easy to guide for a Mahler.

After a splendid Allegro, while the orchestra was taking the normal little resting time between movements the audience started to make an indecent amount of noises. The maestro was totally exasperated by them. To make things worse Royal Albert Hall ushers let some latecomers enter the hall at that point, very close to the stage. Those morons took a very big time to go to their seats while the full Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was waiting for them. At that point maestro Harding was really angry. He opted for the andante/scherzo structure and the silence was required. This totally broke the mood and it was really hard to reconnect the performance.

But they made their magic and the music captivated us again. Wonderful scherzo and amazing Finale. But again, the morons. This time they didn’t wait for the final notes to extinguish before clapping… or dear…


Anyway a magnificent night of music that converted some more people into mahlerniarism.