Two concerts in one: * Saint‐Saëns 2nd piano concerto * Elgar-Payne 3rd symphony because these works have nothing to do and it’s quite difficult to find a narrative link between them to be in the same programme.

And two disclaimers: * Above Perianes’s picture is not from the concert itself but from a previous one * I took too long to write this review again because of… whatever

2 disclaimers, 2 concerts, 2nd piano concert… so let’s say there was a 3rd work completing the programme with Elgar 3rd symphony. Ok. Stop numeric non-sense. The 3rd work opening the concert was a Sibelius minor work well exposed by Oramo and his BBCSO forces.

Then the good part of the night: Saint‐Saëns 2nd piano concerto magisterially played by Javier Perianes. He had the ability to bring out all the poetry inside a work, playing with extreme lyricism while letting the music breath. Oramo was a good enough companion for him but far away from extracting the same poetry from the orchestral parts. Then with the encore, Perianes alone played a superb Danza del fuego from Manuel de Falla own transcription from El amor brujo. Perianes is coming back to London in February 2018 for playing Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major again with BBC Symphony Orchestra at Barbican and in April to Wigmore Hall for a BBC Lunchtime concert playing works by Chopin, Debussy and Falla. I’m really looking forward those concerts.

Then the second part of the concert with Payne’s completion of Elgar 3rd symphony sketches. It makes sense to program it this season to complete the 1st and 2nd played by Barenboim. And probably no one else wanted to play it so the one of the BBC own orchestras was requested to do it. Pretty boring work without any of the brilliance and well roundedness the other canonical Elgar symphonies have. Oramo did a decent job here just exposing the score.

So I’ll rate 1st part with 8 skateboard and second part with 4, that gives us the average of 6 you can see above.