It was an infrequent but easy programme the one for Prom 42. The oriental inspired music has its moment in France and Russian during the end of the 19th century but at some point it became quite fake and demodé for the 20th century listeners. But there is still a lot of enjoyable music there other than Rimsky’s Scheherazade. So this programme with the Franch side of the story was very attractive. Even more having an orchestra specialized on 19th century French music: Les Siècles

And it was really good. After a not so interesting Saint-Saëns overture (the less good this night) Cédric Tiberghien got into scene to play a delightful version of Saint-Saëns’ Egyptian piano concert. Luminosity and joy. François‐Xavier Roth conducting the orchestra was the perfect companion to Cédric. The most dancing parts and spectacular parts were specifically terrific.

Frank’s Les Djinns is a rare work in between the piano concerto and symphonic poem. Also very infrequent and also very interesting. We danced again with the perfect couple Cédric-Roth.

And to make this the apotheoses of the dance, we got a real ballet, well, the suites with a selection of it: Lalo’s Namouna. Here Roth spread all Les Siècles’ forces and palette to impact the audience.

To conclude the concert, what better than a Bacchanal? And believe me it was. Loud and spectacular approach that suited perfectly the mood of the concert as a whole. Bravo!

Can Vienna Philharmonic please invite François‐Xavier Roth to conduct the New Year concert? Thanks.

It was the first time I left a concert during the final applause before the orchestra leaving, but I had very serious business to attend. I have been told that the encore was a Daft Punk arrangement. I’m glad I did then. :)