A remark before anything else: what’s going on with Erato hair stylists for their baroque artists? Edgar Moreau Jean Rondeau

Said that, the concert. If you look at the promotional picture used for this Prom (see above) you will see more than 20 players but when Il Pomo d’oro entered the stage… surprise! they are only 6 players! Probably one of the strengths of this ensemble is the versatility and that has allowed it to become one of the most successful baroque ensembles in the world in less than five years. This versatility had helped them to survive many main conductor changes (Minasi, Sinkovsky and now Emelyanychev). However, for this programme some more muscle would have been better. Playing with them was Edgar Moreau, one of the youngest starts from France classical music panorama. 100% twink style.

The programme was comprised of 3 baroque cello concertos (Platti, Vivaldi and Bocherini) and two orchestral works: an interesting Hasse piece and a boring Telemann one (the late Telemann trying to be galante was a no-go). Playing was impeccable from a technical point of view. The only flaw was, at some points, the feeling that playing styles from the soloist and the orchestra didn’t fully match (Moreau used a moderate vibratto and the orchestra almost none, for example) and dialogue between parts was not as smooth as with other soloists (Sinkovsky, Minasi or any of their opera/arias recordings).