All Russian composers, except for the Britten but all Russian themed works. Beforehand it was a very interesting programme with new (as newly heard) works, works of stunning beauty, not-so-frequent-works and spectacular works that are better listened live.

It started with Stravinsky’s Funeral Song, one work just rediscovered and “premiered” less than one year ago in Russia. It was a very nice work, less stravinskian than expected and maybe too academic but full of great ideas. Instead of being like this:

Old Stravinsky

it was like this:

Young Stravinski

A nice performance and a nice addition to the repertoire.

Then Alina Ibragimova came into stage to perform the wonderful Prokofiev’s 1st violin concerto. Since the very beginning we felt the connection between Jurowski and her. They are two Russian musicians who moved into Europe when they were young because their parents started working in European orchestras: Jurowskis moved into Germany because the father started the NWD and Ibragimovas moved to London because the father joined the LSO as principal double bass. They both concluded their studies in Europe. But they still felt the Russian music as something very own. Alina’s violin sound was full of strength, sharp but beautiful. Perfectly suited for this work. I really loved her. The encore, a movement of an Ysaÿe sonata was a showcase of Alina’s virtuosity (those left hand pizzicati!). Maybe a Russian obscure piece encore would have been more suited for the night but, hey, Mrs. Ibragimova is going to perform a lot in London and it’s good that she sells all the tickets. Well done.

After the intermission a Britten work that I had never heard before: Russian Funeral. Probably is not even very popular here in UK regardless that it is a cool work. Young Britten here full of power in a brass and percussion score structured like a march, a very dark march. LPO soloist did an amazing job and jurowski guided them perfectly.

And then, after the intermission, Shostakovich’s 11th symphony. As some other Shostakovich symphonies this one benefits a lot from the listening live experience. And we also benefited of seeing Vladimir Jurowski conducting it. What an dance spectacle! His movements over the podium were the perfect seed for the music coming from the marvelous London Philharmonic Orchestra. He really understand this work and does not limit to show the magnificence of the music… he made that magnificence has a meaning. The internal architecture of the performance was perfectly though and the whole building was done step by step. All the tutti-and-loud parts came for a reason instead of being vacuous noisy parts. How Jurowsky’s movements signaled the percussionist to ring the bells was pure musical pornography. A-MA-ZING


LPO London season starts next 23th with Enescu’s Oedipe that looks like a *do not miss event. Do not miss it: