I got yesterday my new skateboards-based rating system. You should be able to see it above these lines. This was an 8 out of 10 skateboards concert.

This late concert started with 3 cantatas by Schütz that are like a primitive version of the full German cantata (hey Bach, hey Telemann). They inherit directly from Monteverdi style but introduce innovations on the orchestra writing. And this was the first strong point of this concert: how Gardiner managed to mix the wonderful Monteverdi Choir with the orchestra as a very close layer. The other strong point was… the strength of the voices. These cantatas are not for spiritual recollection so they don’t demand intimacy. They are more like awaking souls hymns, so they need to be like shouting. And dude, these Monteverdi guys can do it very well. And the English Baroque Soloists matched perfectly. The trumpets playing was amazing.

And then (without intermission, just some stage re-arrangement) Bach. Cantatas BWV79 and BWV80. Here we enjoyed the other side of the choir, more delicate and textured. As in all Bach cantatas we have our piece of beautiful arias and duets delivered by soloists from the choir. So much beauty on that singing!

This was a total confirmation that the Monteverdi Choir is one of the best baroque choirs in the world (top one maybe alongside with the Collegium Vocale Gent). And we were there to enjoy it. Can we ask for more?

As a final note this concert started at 22:15 (way too late for non-central londoners) and that is probably the reason why the RAH was not fully sold out, because this concert totally deserved it. As a benefit I got promoted for free from my cheap rausing circle seat to a stalls one :)