Paul O’Dette forms together with Jakob Lindberg and Hopkinson Smith the first golden generation of early music lute players. This lunchtime recital at Wigmore Hall was not a generic lute greatest hits or baroque lute showcase but focused on English lute music. It was, however, rich and varied enough to please not only connoisseurs. It ranged from harpsichord adaptations (Byrd) to original lute compositions (Johnson, Dowland and Bacheler). It was also varied in forms, with the nice contrasts between pavans and galliards.

It’s clear from the beginning that O’Dette is a scholar: his insightful programme notes were wonderfully written. But he also has a high level musicality. He is this kind of musicians (like Savall) that even when tuning theirs instruments sound like playing beautiful music.

It was a hour of beautiful music played with delicacy. As an encore O’Dette broke the main theme of the programme to let us fly to Italy with Alessandro Piccini Passacaglia.