Ute Lemper + Monty Python + RuPaul’s Drag Race = Meow Meow.

This could be a definition of what the Australian artist is: a mix of classical, Weill, Piazzolla, Ferrer and Gainsbourg music in Cabaret style with a lot of humor, performance and provocation.

Doing a show with a big orchestra as the London Philharmonic Orchestra is hard you want to keep it fresh. Because you cannot really improvise if you need 80 musicians to follow you but you cannot either keep it to rigid that sounds like a classical music concert. This was done by Meow Meow really well, showing a great intelligence and a really fast mind to react and adapt to the any situation.

There were however a couple of problems. The amplified sound was horrible. The mixing sounded like done by a couple of amateurs: when she was singing with the full orchestra playing her voice was barely audible resulting on a disgusting cacophony. This was improved a little bit on the second part but not close to a professional level. Probably the sound equipment on the Royal Festival Hall is not well suited.

The other problem was how the repertoire was balanced across the two parts: crazy on the first one with too much intimacy during most of the second half.

Anyway it was a real fun but I guess that I would enjoy this great artist more in a reduced ensemble/venue show with proper sound.