What a treat! One of the best pianist out there, Igor Levit, playing one of the top piano masterpieces ever: Beethoven’s Diabelli variations. And for free. The concert was part of the Memory Varied event by BBC Radio 3 and The Wellcome collection (the double l in Wellcome blows always my mind).

To add extra sugar to the morning, Levit, wearing delicious white sneakers, had an informal talk explaining his views on the work and the performance.

We got a very reflexive performance, but keeping it very human. Even the silences had an expressive meaning. Watching Levit playing was also a extra bonus: his body movements added and extra piece of information about his performance and his intentions.

Diabelli variations is a work very demanding from both, the player and the audience but it is also one of the most rewarding. After this perfect performance from any point of view we might not have more insights about the memory and the music but we, definitely, have a better understanding of the music and the human being.