This was the first collaboration between Holst singers and La Nuova Musica under the direction of David Bates and, after the results, I am pretty sure that won’t be the last. Handel is like home for La Nuova Musica so opening the programme with Judas Maccabeus overture was totally natural for them. And they did very well. The challenge was to come: Mozart.

First Mary Bevan sang the beautiful Ruhe sanft from Zaide. Her singing was sweet and beautiful but lacked a little bit of passion/expressiveness. To compensate that we got Lucy Crowe into the stage for singing concert aria Ah, spiegarvi oh Dio. What a huge contrast! Not only for the own nature of the pieces (introvert vs. extrovert) but also for the voices: Crowe voice filled the house full of power. In both pieces Bates showed himself as a true mozartian showing a perfect balance between strings a woodwind.

The first part of the concert finished with the choir singing a couple of numbers from Mozart arrangement of Judas Maccabeus. Very well sung, so we all got excited about the upcoming second half.

And then the magical unfinished Mozart great mass. The opted for a version without any agnus dei, like Bernstein. Here all the good things that we enjoyed during the first part joined together. Supreme conducting, outstanding choir and amazing singing. It was Great. Of course the magical moment of the night was Lucy Crowe singing et incarnatus est: sublime. After it I decided to go the ENO The marriage of Figaro, even if it is in English, even if I have seen many productions of this opera during the last years, just to enjoy Crowe countess.