Rodelinda is one of the most loved Handel operas. But as most of baroque operas it’s really tricky to stage it nowadays in a production that both makes sense to contemporary audiences and keeps the drama in a natural way. And that’s the best we can say about this Richard Jones production: it perfectly tells you the story without feeling artificial. Anything else in the production is also quite good: costumes, lighting, sets…

It was a great pleasure to listen to Juan Sancho superb singing. Not the biggest voice but probably the most in-style and exquisite singing baroque tenor nowadays. His portrayal of Grimoaldo was perfectly convincing.

I was really impressed by Tim Mead singing Bertarido. He gave everything from the very first aria. Stunning colorful and strong voice.

Rebecca Jones in the title role was good but in my opinion was overcome by her two partners passion.

Christian Curnyn direction was, as expected, very idiomatic. His approach the work in a non-aggressive way with soft dynamics was probably the best option and safest for a non period instruments orchestra even if could have sounded a little bit flat to the HIP-fan aficionados.