This was a nice concert by The English Concert. Despite having children singing. I grow up in a post-Harnoncourt world where boys choirs to do HIP church baroque music was already demodé. Until I came to Britain where, by default, if nothing else is said, choirs haven children.

Robert Quinney did a wonderful work not only conducting all the pieces but also introducing them to the audience with some humor.

Choir was more irregular than the orchestra that was splendid always. Same for the soloists, who ranged from wonderful to bearable. Quinney himself was the soloist in the handel organ concerto and despite him not being a virtuoso he solved it quite well with a proper unitary idea.

For me The English Concert was about recordings of clean, perfect and a little bit cold music from Vivaldi conducted by Trevor Pinnock. It’s nice to see how the ensemble has evolved and got influenced by more continental ideas regarding the continuo.