Wow. This was the operatic event of the year. Full star cast, superb conductor, new production from the typical enfant terrible and a lot of money. Plus, of course, the rare opportunity to see and listen to the original French version of the opera.

With such high expectations it was rather difficult to match them, but we were fortunate and we had a magical opera night. 20 minutes of applause with 3 rounds of individual salutations say it all.

Jonas Kaufmann voice was in better shape than in ROH Otello and his acting was very convincing.

Sonya Yoncheva might not have the most suited voice for Elisabeth but listening to how she adds color to her voice, making it so warm, you totally have to love her singing (even if she pronounces whatever she wants :) )

Tézier was of course the most idiomatic of the night and a experienced singer in his role. Despite his voice starting to show signs of ageing his performance was the most passionate, with a superb death scene.

But who stole the night was Elina Garança as Eboli. OH MY GOD. Everything was perfect in her. Just this as an example:

Philippe Jordan approach to the work, as expected was focused on beauty in the details rather than a global building idea. But those details… oh… how beautiful!

Warlikowski production has been strongly criticized. I like it. Lot of interesting points made and quite revealing moments (like the main revelation being told to Elisabeth and Eboli!).