My last concert of the year was a rather disappointing one. Perhaps I had very high expectation on Concerto Italiano or perhaps my last live Bach’s Musical Offer was too good (Lina Tur, Alexis Kossenko, Marco Testori and Kenneth Weiss).

Since the beginning, the Trio Sonata BWV 1039 and canons BWV 1087, I had the feeling that all musicians from Concerto Italiano (a reduced 5 part ensemble) were sad. It was not only they were been serious, concentrated of deep into the music, no, they was sadness on the stage. But the performance was more or less okeish with the strings getting very nice sounds.

The problem came with Musical Offering itself, exactly from the harpsichord part. Suddenly I remember the last time I saw Alessandrini playing the harpsichord. It was 5 years ago playing Scarlatti sonatas and it was a faulty recital with a lot of finger mistakes. The same happened now playing the keyboard solos in the Musical Offering. Not only he failed a lot of notes, he also had to restart the beginning of a canon. And this somehow ruined the performance. Even if the musical concept was fine and the other players were good.

It looks like Alessandrini focusing on his directing career has left him less time to practice playing. That could be ok for doing continuo work but not for technically demanding parts.