Very interesting piano recital with Jonathan Biss at Wigmore Hall. Since the very beginning of the sonata K310 we realized it was not the conventional academic Mozart so common nowadays between those clone-like-pianist. His approach was not classic at all, but more like a sturm-und-drang Mozart, emphasizing contrasts with flexible dynamics and subordinating tempi to the narrative. It was a quite valid performance which made a lot of more sense in the context of what was coming next.

Beethoven sonata The Tempest was preceded by a small piece from pianist composer Leon Kirchner which sounded to me morel like a contemporary work quota rather than really fitting into the programme. Because the previous Mozart was perfectly linked to this Beethoven, the most sturm-und-drang one, here a little bit more calmed than other uber-romantic interpretations just to make this link more evident. Vivid tempi required kind of virtuous playing and Biss did it very well.

The only piece of the second part of the concert was Schumann Fantasie in C major. This was a real treat. For some reason is hard to find a pianist nowadays that get Schumann right. Probably like his orchestral works the writing is not that evident and it needs a lot of study to properly bring the desired sound to life. Well, Biss did a sublime work here and made so easy to the audience to get captivated by this amazing music. And this is really difficult. Bravo.