This concert was a mix of routine and brilliance. If everything had been played perfectly from the technical point of view it could had reached 7 skateboards. However some mismatches, with the orchestra totally lost, during a couple of songs blurred the final result.

The nice programme notes tried to link all the pieces from a historical point of view. However, as a concert they didn’t work very well together, looking like a bad pasticcio. That said, Carolyn Sampson was exquisite singing most of the songs and arias and the orchestra shinned on Purcell orchestral pieces.

Richard Egarr reserved to himself Handel’s organ concert The Cuckoo and the Nightingale. He is a very good player, but he tried somehow to be funnier than he possibly can be so the result was a little bit dumb.

To finish the concert, Arne Rule, Britannia. Second time I listen to it since I came to UK. This time the audience didn’t sing it.